Our Management

You are known by the company you keep!

Miryong “Sylvia” Kim

President/Creative Director

Miryong Sylvia has over 26 years of media industry experience from a worldwide leading News network company based in NYC. She has owned and operated a Multicultural Production Company with a great understanding of dual cultural mentalities based on years of experience in both environments. She has a strong sense of Branding, Creativity, Promotion, Market Planning & Strategy. 

Her expressive enthusiasm in both traditional & New Media production fields has always impressed all clients, producers, and community leaders she encounters. She has been recognized as an award-winning team leader with strong interpersonal and communication skills by
years of dual cultures and market knowledge. All accolades aside, Sylvia prides herself on her presence within the community. She is a large supporter of non-profit organizations in New Jersey. Most recently, she has dedicated her work to creating avenues for inclusivity and diversity within Bergen County. 

She contributes to small businesses in any way that she can, including featuring them in her magazine, newscast, and outside projects. Sylvia is dedicated to being a bridge that connects multicultural families across the state. As the director of a media company, Sylvia is proud to lead the path for other women who want to take on leadership in the industry.

Cassidy Kramer

Media Marketing Director

Cassidy is a young professional who is ready for any challenge. She has a diverse, creative background including: dance, theater, audio/video production, content creation, & digital marketing. Cassidy loves to find ways of combining creative methods in her everyday work / life to stay atop the latest trends. She is committed to integrating her love of all art forms with her knowledge of digital marketing strategies and trends. As a former dance studio manager and teacher, Cassidy is no stranger to handling performance-based events on both the creative and logistic sides. Though she considers herself to be a “Jac(queline) of All Trades,” she is always looking for ways to collaborate with knowledgeable partners to get the best results possible out of any idea or campaign!

Nino Macharashvili

Executive Curator / FLAG

Nino Macharashvili is a NJ based art curator, manager and art advisor with 11-year experience at the museums, galleries and international art fairs in the United States, Europe and Asia. As a Chief curator at the museum, Macharashvili organized exhibitions, festivals and award-winning art projects. She curated shows at the Moving Gallery (a shipping container transformed into a gallery space). Macharashvili
is a curator of FLAG Art Group, a creative agency of artists in Fort Lee, NJ. She is a co-founder of NPO Art for Social Change and a director of artistic residency ARCHEID, an arts initiative supporting cultural sustainability by multicultural artistic collaboration. Macharashvili is a PhD candidate and invited professor at Tbilisi State University in Georgia. She is researching New Media and Digital Art.

Marguerite Tolliver

Marketing Director

Marguerite Tolliver has 20+ years expertise in the Advertising and Marketing business. She is currently the Marketing & Sales Director for Mplus Creative developing sales and marketing strategies to reach the Korean community. For most of her career, she was a dynamic manager who led an award winning sales team for Cablevision/Altice. She was instrumental in introducing innovative go-to-market products to the industry. Her expertise lies in cable television, OTT/CTV, digital and social media advertising and marketing strategies. She has experience working with small, mid-size and tri-state clients of all industries, and has helped many companies grow and succeed.

KI Chung

IT Director

KC is an IT administrator at New York University with decades of successful experience in technology. KC has performed multiple roles in various IT fields throughout his career. KC specializes in network, cloud, mobile and digital communications especially digital signage. A strong believer in achieving utmost efficiency of productivity with the latest IT technology, he has led teams and executed on many different IT projects successfully. In his personal time, KC enjoys all different kinds of art especially paintings and can easily be found in museums and art exhibitions around the world.

Haeyong Kim

General Manager

Haeyong Kim is a seasoned drama therapist and actor from Korea. Mr. Kim has joined MPlus as a general manager in 2023.  Mr. Kim has featured in numerous theatrical productions and several films.  As manifestation of his persistence and passion for acting, he was awarded “Best Actor” of 2000 at The National Theater Association of Korea, Chungcheongbukdo Branch and received the presidential citation at the 18th National Theater Festival in 2000. Armed with this life-long honed acting skills, he has become a well-regarded drama therapist with more than ten years’ experience offering clients a wide selection of performing arts including, storytelling, role-playing, psychodrama, and improvisations. He was able to achieve the therapeutic goals of symptom relief, emotional and physical integration, and personal growth. Mr. Kim is ready to utilize his expertise for the communities and excited to serve people from diverse culture and backgrounds.