Mom&i Magazine

Mom&i Magazine is a powerful Korean American Community magazine that has been publishing more than 200 volumes for 20 years since 1999.

As a premium magazine, Mom&i will help advertisers become a positive image by increasing the awareness and preference of Korean Americans.

Mom&i Today

20 years ago, Mom&i started its run as the first magazine for Korean American families. Although we began with only a bi-monthly publication towards the end of 1999, Mom&i grew so successful within just a couple of issues that we soon started publishing every month – and ever since then, our must-have family magazine has consistently created great content for all of its readers, all throughout the years.Now, as Mom&i celebrates its two decade anniversary, we want to do something special.Introducing Mom&i Today – a contemporary lifestyle magazine for every member of our diverse multicultural community. Blending its trendy personal style with a chic international flair and an all-American appeal, Mom&i’s brand new publication is highlighting the diversity throughout our communities: featuring content about European, Asian, African, Latin American families and more, collecting all of their unique experiences under one roof, and connecting them to stories about all the great things that each different cultural background has to offer. From recipes to restaurants, popular figures in art and music, to local and global news and events, this premium periodical is something that every family has a reason to read.

Mom&i TV

Mom&i TV is bringing together over 20 years of community stories and voices all on one platform.
We are building more together and innovating new ways to be creative and to connect through online media.
We focus our decades of experience and commitment to the community to bring you the tools and services that keep us connected.

FLAG – Fort Lee Art Group

FLAG ART GROUP is an organization for art and culture in the cosmopolitan town of Fort Lee, New Jersey. The group organizes exhibitions in New Jersey and New York and features the works of both local and international artists at its online gallery and Artsy.net.

FLAG maximizes its exposure by operating out of several locations, working with a variety of venues to organize special events and exhibitions. By fostering collaboration between different kinds of creative people and bridging the gap between art and business, FLAG is able to support all of its artists and share their stories to a wide audience.

Acting as a multifaceted creative agency, the art group’s main goals are to advance its artists, gather resources for new projects, and enhance the local economy.

One Fine Social Dining

One Fine Social Dining is an exclusive fine dining service brought to you by Mom&i which aims to bring one fine dining experience to the comfort of your home. This experience has become possible because of the wonderful community Mom&i has connected and grown with over the years.
We are still growing together and plan to continue our mission of connecting the community, and we hope that you will dine with us.