About Us

MPlus Creative Production & Media Corp. has created a next-level newscast for
the Korean-American community of Bergen County. Hello Bergen will act as a
sister-company to Mom&I whose magazine issues have successfully been released
monthly since 1999. Its mission has been to provide local Korean-American families in
the Metropolitan Area with news about their culture and community and Hello Bergen is
no different. Mom&I provides a safe space to uplift the voices of those in the area and
give them a platform to share their combined experiences and stories, which is also a
major goal of Hello Bergen. Mom&I has created a camaraderie like no other and will
continue to do so alongside this newscast. After 22 years of excellence in print, Mom&I
is excited to leap into the world of broadcast news, too.
MPlus Creative Production & Media Corp. brings “Hello Bergen – Korean
News” to various easily accessible platforms. Hello Bergen is a news channel
providing the people of Bergen County with important local updates and current
events. Its content will be available at the viewers’ disposal via YouTube, Instagram,
Facebook, and more. Newscasts will be uploaded weekly to keep viewers
in-the-know. They are largely interview-based, ranging from speaking with
politicians, to small business owners, and even local artists. Hello Bergen also

covers a wide variety of topics including health, education, current affairs, and
more. Videos are released in both English and Korean to create a diverse platform
for its viewers.